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 Hops-Ontop´s on nyt myös 
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Breeder number F03
Breeder of the Finnish Rabbit Association 

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I´ve been breeding Netherland Dwarfs with the name Hops-Ontop´s since 1999. From the year 2002 I have been a board member of the Finnish Rabbit Association. 
Since 2006 I have been authorized to judge pet rabbits and currently I have been accepted as a judge trainee for the Nordic Standards official Shows. 
We are located in Hyvinkää city only 50 kilometers north from our capital Helsinki and from the Helsinki-Vantaa airport. I´m specialized mainly in Otters, 
but I have a few other colours as well just for fun. My aim is to breed Netherland Dwarfs with good temperament and to meet the origin standard as perfectly as possible. 
I use unique lines and stock for the best possible combinations. Breeding is my side hobby - non commercial: Leftover stock is sold as pets to suitable homes. 
My main hobby is training and participating in working dog trials and dog shows with my Rottweilers:
HK2 BH MH Woodweiler´s De La Rue &
C.I.B C.I.E. EE CH LV CH BALT & LV & LT & EE J CH BALT W-12 FIN W-11 FIN W-13 HK1 BH MH Heizelwood Farro

Hops-Ontop´s is al
so in Facebook! There you can find the latest news and pictures.
All Dwarfs for sale will be shared in Facebook up to date. Welcome!

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 Hops-Ontop´s on nyt myös Facebookissa! 

Sieltä löydät viimeisimmät uutiset, kuvat ja myytävät kanit ajan tasalla. Tervetuloa!

Kysy lisää:

suski(at)hopsontops.com tai 040 964 5040 (tekstiviestikyselyihin ei vastata)


A selection of my breeding and breeding stock
NB! - Main breeding colours are Black and Blue Otter, Black, Agouti and Opal.
HUOM! - Kasvatan pääosin väreissä musta otter, sininen otter, musta, luonnonharmaa ja luonnonsininen.

A glimpse of the past...
NB! - I´m not currently breeding these colours.
HUOM! - En kasvata näitä värejä tällä hetkellä.

Holland Lops
NB! - I´m not breeding Holland Lops in general - only a litter now and then
HUOM! - Kasvatan kääpiöluppia vain silloin tällöin omaksi ilokseni


Some baby pics






Some of the Show wins 




For more information please contact:

to e-mail me without spams use suski followed by @hopsontops.com 
or feel free to call + 358 (0)40 964 5040


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